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Safe Tourism in West Norfolk

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Safe Tourism

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Safe Tourism in West Norfolk

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Respect, Protect and Enjoy Norfolk 

Enjoy this season safely in west Norfolk – ‘Know Before You Go’

Tourism is crucial to the west Norfolk area though some strict social distancing measures do remain in place, so please keep up-to-date and follow the UK Government guidance to stay alert, control the virus and save lives. Please find below your guide for travelling responsibly in West Norfolk.

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For more details please go to the official Covid-19 advice page on the Government website and check for updates.

Whether you are from our local community or visiting from outside of the county, Visit West Norfolk draws your attention equally to the following points for your safe travel around our area:

  * Although west Norfolk is very rural and has a wide open coastline, we do ask that you think about the likely hotspots for visitors before coming to the area – and ask yourself if you can seek out a quieter sustainable area of west Norfolk for your visit.

  * Be aware that many open-air locations will have certain restrictions on access for visits at this time (such as online booking prior to visiting, etc.) and some venues remain closed during this time. Always check with your destination’s website or their social media platforms for latest updates before setting out.

  * Many food and drink establishments, as well as shops, are adapting their premises and their staff to a new, safer way of serving their customers. Please be respectful and courteous to these businesses, and please be realistic as to what these establishments can offer you at this limiting time.

As traditional Tourist Information Centres around the UK are adapting to the “new normal” to meet modern visitor services, our digital platforms have remained fully live throughout the pandemic as we firmly believe in the plan-now-visit-later approach to making trips to our area. Such platforms include this website, our trails-based Explore West Norfolk website, the two Explore West Norfolk apps and our main Visitor App too – all free to access right now.

You can also follow us on Twitter where we share live updates from our tourism businesses. If you have a question regarding a specific local venue, park or attraction we do recommend you get in touch with the venue directly for the latest updates pertaining to their opening plans and criteria, as opening details and services offered may change on a daily basis.

Responsible Tourism

Visit West Norfolk takes responsible tourism seriously and we have taken action over the years to make sure that sustainable rural and coastal west Norfolk comes first, ensuring the rights and needs of all those who support your holiday are respected (we recommend you follow the #RespectProtectEnjoy or #ResponsibleTourism social media hashtags for more responsible tourism information).

                        • Our coastal landscape covers around 40+ miles and stretches from the coastline near Sutton Bridge across the rim of west Norfolk to north Norfolk. Our coast is a highly valuable asset to our county in terms of heritage and biodiversity and this is why we only promote those coastal locations of ours that can easily sustain and facilitate a relatively large number of regular tourists without harm to both wildlife and landscape.
                        • We support the Refill Find Water on The Go initiative and, even in our printed visitor publications, highlight the availability of west Norfolk refill sites via the free Refill app.
                        • We are increasingly shifting our focus to more digital platforms in place of some of our more traditional printed tourism titles (in part to save waste as modern tourist habits change), though we still recognise the importance of many of our regular printed Visit West Norfolk titles to arriving tourists at this time.
                        • Our leaflets and brochures are now sent directly to you in widely-recyclable paper envelopes.
                        • Responsible Tourism is not just about the environment – we are looking at new ways with our partners and stakeholders to actively promote our local food and drink offer in the near future too. Such local produce campaigns will build upon our existing food and drink section when they happen.

Tips on how you can travel responsibly in and around west Norfolk

                      • Minimise carbon emissions by planning your route in advance.
                      • If your dogs are joining you on you visit to west Norfolk, check out the access updates on our dedicated dog walking page.
                      • Littering still remains a problem around the country, no less so than in our beautiful villages and along our coastline – so please take all your litter with you when leaving beaches and rural areas.
                      • Consult the internationally-supported Leave No Trace principles as a good guide for ideas.
                      • Remove all excess packaging: free the space in your suitcase by leaving packaging at home. Even better, why not consider buying some things when you are here, thereby also supporting our local economy.
                      • Bring environmentally friendly products with you, especially if exploring the many rural and coastal trails around west Norfolk. This could range from eco-friendly creams, deodorants and soaps to help keep our environment as pristine as you found it.
                      • Bring or hire a bike, or walk, when possible – a great way to explore the area, meet the west Norfolk community, reduce carbon emissions and pollution.

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